Tour in the Balkans

Discover the most welcoming country in the world!

Tour in the Balkans

Our Balkan Tour is a trip designed to be done in different ways:

  • By car (included in the price) with driver / guide in tow
  • By car (included in the price) in autonomy ("Self Guide" mode)
  • Bus (for group travel with a minimum of 20 participants)

A trip designed for tourists of all kinds. The program adapts

  • to families
  • to groups of children
  • for couples or families.
  • to travel in old age.

The stages of the Tour in the Balkans touch the main locations in the South of the Balkans and follow itineraries chosen for the spectacular landscape and the beauty of the places to visit.

The itinerary of the Balkan Tour includes departure from Split (reachable by ship from Ancona) but it is possible to request a departure from Durres (reachable from Bari).
In otto giorni si visitano: Kotor (Montenegro) – Prizren (kosovo) – Ohrid (Macedonia) – Korce (Albania) – Girocastro (Albania) – Tirana (Albania) – Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Tour in the Balkans

All hotels are of a very good standard. Considering the good relationship between quality and price that the Balkans offer, we decided to aim for maximum comfort at the end of the day and rest only in excellent facilities.

We propose this itinerary because it has been personally tested several times. Don't underestimate the value of these experiences!

The hotels, restaurants and even the bars where we will stop have been selected after endless disappointments and as many attempts to find the right refreshment. Much of the travel organization serves precisely to avoid disappointments and inefficiencies.

This trip is organized and designed to be an opportunity for tourism, recreation and fun.

We will often stop to take photographs, selfies or to admire the landscape or buy a souvenir.

The Balkan Tour is available in two modes: "with guide" and in "self guided" mode.


The trip is designed to offer the possibility of moving around independently following the planned itinerary.

During the briefing on the first day, the Tour Leader will be given Travel Book which contains:

  • Directions for setting the Satellite Navigator with all destinations (hotels, restaurants and places of interest).
  • Information Cards with Text and Photos that tell the destinations.
  • Information sheets of the activities that can be booked along the way (excursions, trips, open air activities).
  • 24-hour assistance number (voice, whatsapp and messenger) to plan the activities to be carried out (sea, restaurants, point views, other destinations).
  • Sim with Albanian number with telephone traffic to contact the organization at any time.
  • Detailed description of the hotels and cards on the places visited with suggestions on the activities to be carried out during the stay.
  • Voucher for hotel stays.
The Tour in the Balkans in "Self Guided" mode does not include meals.


In the "with guide" mode you will be accompanied throughout the journey by a guide who will assist you with every need and can give you advice on how to make your trip truly perfect.

In this mode the tour also includes meals.

Tour in the Balkans: Participation fees

"Self Guided" mode by car (included in the price)

The fee per person to participate in this trip in self-guided mode is

  • € 600.00 for two people
  • € 535.00 for three people
  • € 500.00 for four people

Deposit of € 100.00 at the time of booking via PayPal.
The balance as soon as you arrive in Albania.

  • Rental Car from the first to the last day.
  • Welcome briefing
  • All overnight stays in hotels **** (with breakfast included)
  • Travel Book
  • The round trip by ferry (for the journey from Bari with GNV we can make you have discounts in agreement, contact us!)
  • Expenses for fuel
  • Ancillary costs deriving from changes in the program (e.g. entrance to a bathing establishment)

"With Guide" mode by car (included in the price)

The fee per person to participate in this trip in "with guide" mode is

  • € 800.00 for two people
  • € 735.00 for three people
  • € 700.00 for four people

Deposit of € 100.00 at the time of booking via PayPal.
The balance as soon as you arrive in Albania.

  • Car with driver from the first to the last day.
  • Welcome briefing
  • All meals and snacks mentioned in the program (drinks not included):
  • Dinner in Kotor
  • Dinner in Prizren
  • Brunch in Skopje
  • Dinner in Ohrid
  • Korca dinner
  • Lunch in Farma Sotira
  • Dinner in Gjirokastra
  • Lunch on the coast road (day 6)
  • Dinner in Tirana
  • Dinner in Dubrovnik
  • Lunch in Split / Durres (depending on the departure port)
  • All overnight stays in hotels **** (with breakfast included)
  • Guide to follow
  • The round trip by ferry (for the journey from Bari with GNV we can make you have discounts in agreement, contact us!)
  • Car fuel costs
  • All extra expenses for breaks in bars or not specified in the program
  • Ancillary costs deriving from changes in the program (e.g. entrance to a bathing establishment)

"Bus with Guide" mode

This beautiful travel itinerary is perfect to be organized in a group. Contact us to organize the trip with more than 10 participants. We have buses from 15 to 100 seats available. The participation fee varies according to the number of participants and will be lower than those for car trips.

Contact us to organize your trip!

Send the deposit only after making arrangements with us!

Advance Holiday in Albania

Tour in the Balkans: The itinerary

First day

We leave Split immediately after the initial briefing. The first stop on the Balkan Tour is Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the visit of the city you will resume your journey heading towards the final stop of the day: Kotor, MontenegroHere we will spend the night in a magnificent hotel located within the ancient fortified citadel. Dinner will take place in the hotel restaurant and immediately afterwards we will discover the beauties of the citadel on foot.

We will have covered about 360 km

In case of arrival in Durres the stop will be: Durres-Cattaro. With a visit to the cities of Kruja and Shkodra. Where we will visit medieval historic centers and ancient castles. (208km)

Second day

On the second day of the Balkan Tour you will follow the wonderful Montenegrin coast.

You will reach Budva (which you will visit quickly during a refreshment break) and Santo Stefano (where you can swim in the sea); we will continue the journey aiming for the Albanian border crossing the beautiful Skadarsko Jezero National Park which is divided between Montenegrin and Albanian territory and which includes the great Lake of Skadar.

Arrived in Albanian territory you will immediately point north heading towards the Albanian Alps in the direction of Vermosh; here the views are a true paradise for travel photography enthusiasts!

The Balkan Tour continues towards the Montenegrin border that you will cross again heading towards Peje (Kosovo) and your final destination: Prizren, where you will spend the night after having dinner in a typical local restaurant.

You will have covered approximately 480 km

Third day

Immediately after breakfast at the hotel you will leave for Macedonia heading straight to its capital Skopje. The city center deserves an in-depth visit: here the exploits of the Great Alexander still echo and the entire city is dedicated to his hero and his descendants. During your break in the capital you will have a light brunch.

The Balkan Tour continues through the magnificent Macedonian nature in the direction of Lake Ohrid. Arrived in Ohrid and after taking a seat in the hotel rooms you will take an exploratory tour (on foot) through the old city, rich in history and wonders. Dinner will be consumed in one of the typical restaurants on the lake.

We will have covered about 300 km

Fourth day

Leaving the splendid scenery offered by the little Orhid will not be easy but you will continue the journey following the shore of the lake until you deviate to the Galichica National Park crossing a magnificent pass at almost 2000 meters. s.l.v. to get to Lake Prespa.

At this point we will leave Macedonia to return to Albanian territory and reach the city of Korca (the little Paris). After taking a short break at the hotel, you will take a stroll through the streets of the city and go to dinner in a typical restaurant.

You will have covered about 100 km

Fifth day

You will depart from Ohrid following the shores of the lake to the Albanian border. The journey continues in the direction of Pogradec (Albania) where you will make a stop on the lakefront before continuing the journey. Finally you will reach Gjirokaster where, after accommodation in the hotel, you can take a walk in the historic center before dinner.

The city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an example of the perfect conservation of buildings which, despite being built in wood, have stood the test of time very well.

  • the visit of the castle
  • la visita delle “case museali”
  • buggy cars ride
  • trekking
  • experiential tourism (crafts and cooking school)

We will have covered about 200 km

Sixth day

Leaving the beautiful Gjirokaster early in the morning we will head up Sarande, the southern pearl of the Albanian Riviera. Along the way we will take a short break to visitSouthern Blue Eye”;

You will make a quick visit of Saranda before embarking on the long journey that following the mythical Albanian coast road will take you to Vlora. Numerous stops are scheduled along the way to admire the views but also, if possible, to take a swim in the sea.

Along the way we will stop at a seaside restaurant to have a lunch based on freshly caught fish.

We will reach Vlora in the afternoon: visit of the city.
The day ends with the transfer to the Albanian capital: Tirana.

The evening continues in the lively and always cheerful Tirana to then have dinner in one of the many restaurants of the Blloku.

You will have covered about 350 km

Seventh day

Early in the morning we leave Tirana to reach Dubrovnik. Along the way there will be an opportunity for another stop in Kotor. After the Kotor fjord we will follow the coastal road to Dubrovnik where, after a walk and dinner, you will spend the night.

You will have covered about 350 km

Eighth day

On the last day of the Balkan Tour you will travel along the magnificent Croatian coast road from Dubrovnik to Split. In the morning you can visit the fortified city of Dubrovnik.
In the late morning there will be a way to stop along the way to swim in the sea.
The Balkan Tour ends with the final lunch just before arriving in Spalato.

You will have covered about 220 km

In the event of a restart from Durres, the eighth day stop will be: Dubrovnik - Durres. (280km)

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