Itinerant Travel

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Itinerant Travel
viaggi itineranti

This innovative travel formula is a project by Holidays in Albania and represents a new way of conceiving travel.

You travel independently following the directions of Travel Book which contains:

  • Directions for setting the Satellite Navigator with all destinations (hotels, restaurants and places of interest).
  • Information Cards with Text and Photos that tell the destinations.
  • Information sheets of the activities that can be booked along the way (excursions, trips, open air activities).
  • 24-hour assistance number (voice, whatsapp and messenger) to plan the activities to be carried out (sea, restaurants, point views, other destinations).

In this way you will be free to choose the timing of your holiday, the activities to be carried out and every aspect of your stay.

At the same time we will always be present but invisible.
You will always find us ready to give suggestions and to intervene in case of need.

I nostri viaggi rispettano il tuo desiderio di autonomia e libertà durante la vacanza ma, allo stesso tempo, ti garantiscono assistance (if necessary) e suggerimenti (to better enjoy every moment).

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