Motorcycle touring in Albania

Discover the most welcoming country in the world!

Motorcycle touring in Albania

Motorbike tourism in Albania is the ideal holiday for you who love traveling on two wheels.

We organize motorcycle trips but designed to be a real vacation as well.

Slow tourism: a motorcycle holiday with itineraries and timings suitable for bikers but also for the aggregated people who find time for the sea, shopping and culture.

Viaggi Itineranti: Un percorso guidato da una location all’altra pensando ad ogni tappa come ad una destinazione finale. Il mototurismo in Albania è il modo migliore per esplorare il paese senza perdere nessuna sfumatura ed immergersi nella vera realtà albanese.

Relax, Mare, Montagna, buon cibo e divertimenti. Tutto in sella alla moto, viaggiando su strade spettacolari con un occhio al panorama e l’altro alle curve.

7 Days of Motorcycle Adventure

We have designed a travel itinerary in which the choice of routes is not secondary to the attention dedicated to the choice of hotels, restaurants and places to visit.

The recreational activities suggested during the tour are also part of the holiday.

The sea, gastronomy, nature and folklore are important elements in this journey along with the curves and beauty of the landscapes crossed by motorbike.

Even the passengers will be happy to participate and will bring home the memory of an unforgettable experience.

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Balkan Tour in Motorcycle

All the hotels are at the top of what the region allows: considering the good relationship between quality and price that the Balkans offer, we decided to aim for maximum comfort at the end of the day and rest only in excellent facilities.

The itinerary of the Balkan Tour in Motorcycle includes the departure from Split (reachable by ship from Ancona) but it is possible to request a departure from Durres (reachable from Bari).
In eight days we visit: Kotor (Montenegro) - Prizren (Kosovo) - Ohrid (Macedonia) - Korce (Albania) - Girocastro (Albania) - Tirana (Albania) - Dubrovnik (Croatia).

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7 Giorni nei Balcani in Motocicletta

Durante questo viaggio si attraversano quattro paesi dell’area balcanica: Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo e Montenegro.

Three capitals are visited: Tirana, Skopje and Pogdorica.

It is a challenging itinerary: almost every day there will be hundreds of switchbacks to tackle.

On the fifth day you will travel along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, the one that goes from Bar to Kotor.

Il sesto giorno si guidano le moto sulla mitica “serpentina” dei 99 tornanti da cui si ammira il fiordo di Kotor dall’alto della montagna.

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