Discovering Tirana

Discover the most welcoming country in the world!

Discovering Tirana

Discovering Tirana
Your ideal holiday in Albania can only start from the capital: Tirana is always closer to Europe because it is the city of the Balkans that more than any other has been able to react to the unfortunate history of the region.

After the communist regime and the transition period following the fall of the Berlin wall, Tirana performed a real miracle by filling the "gap" that separated it from the rest of Europe.

Tirana is ever closer to Europe also because it is modern, emancipated, evolved, technological and welcoming.

Per questo l’abbiamo scelta come destinazione per moltissime delle nostre proposte si viaggio.

A Journey to the Discovery of Tirana begins with the discovery of its neighborhoods.

Come tutte le grandi città anche Tirana è suddivisa in quartieri. Il più famoso di tutti è il Blloku, the center of economic life by day and capital of entertainment by night.

La città di Tirana è caratterizzata da cambiamenti drastici e frequenti nella sua skyline e nell’aspetto dai suoi quartieri. Si passa dalle ville e i  palazzi del Blloku ai viali alberati del centro (opera degli italiani durante il periodo fascista) e dalla maestosità di Skanderbeg square the lush greenery of the large city park (of the Artificial Lake).

Discovering Tirana: differences with other European capitals

Tirana is always closer to Europe also because today in the Albanian capital it is possible to find services and shops equal to those of all the other capitals of Europe.

However, there are substantial differences in prices and conditions.

The reality of Tirana is difficult to understand for those who have not touched it with their hands and the contradictions that are found are many and curious:

for example shopping in Tirana is highly not recommended for tourists; the explanation is simple: everything that comes from abroad (from Europe) is more expensive here. So clothing, accessories and electronics are extremely inconvenient to buy.

Instead everything that is produced in Albania is very cheap compared to European prices.

Discovering Tirana: Bars and Restaurants

Un altra delle attrazioni che non ti aspetti in un viaggio alla scoperta di Tirana e la varietà e il numero dei ristoranti. Una delle attrazioni turistiche più importanti di Tirana è il famoso Blloku, il quartiere della movida e del divertimento.

There are typical restaurants that offer Albanian gastronomy specialties but also many ethnic restaurants including many Italian restaurants. Italian cuisine is highly appreciated in Albania by Albanians but also by tourists from all over the world!

Tirana has been repeatedly mentioned by the world media as the city with the highest number of inhabitants and bars in the world.

La spiegazione si può comprendere solo dopo un periodo di permanenza in città medio-lungo: in Albania il “rito del caffè” ha radici lontanissime nel tempo ma è tutt’ora molto praticato. La consuazione del “caffè al banco” tipica dei bar all’italiana qui a Tirana è impensabile: il caffè si prende seduti al tavolo dove si resta comodi per alcune ore.

Cafes and restaurants in Tirana are well-kept and elegant. There are very different places for furniture, set-up and scenography.

During our travels to discover Tirana one of the greatest pleasures is precisely the pleasure of the table or the bar table which are always located in panoramic positions.

How to reach Tirana?

Thanks to the international airport "Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta" a trip to discover Tirana is very simple to organize: direct daily flights connect it to the main Italian and European cities.

The proximity of the airport to the center of Tirana makes it easy and convenient to reach the final destination: immediately after leaving the airport terminal there is a large parking lot with taxis, buses and minibuses that connect the airport directly to the city center.

The welcoming capacity that Tirana offers to its visitors often exceeds the services we have in our cities. In fact, it is known that in Europe, and especially in Italy, airports are badly connected to cities and public transport services let you prefer to move with your own vehicle rather than making long waits at the terminals.

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