7 beaches to see in Albania

Discover the most welcoming country in the world!

7 beaches to see in Albania

7 spiagge da vedere in albania

7 beaches to see in Albania are very few!
The whole coast from North to South is worth a visit and there are beautiful beaches everywhere! I focused on the Southern Riviera because I think it is the most beautiful but there are also beautiful beaches in the North.

The southern coast is famous for its sea and its beaches. But which are the most beautiful ones?
It was very difficult to choose only seven of all the beautiful beaches I found in Albania but to really get to know the country (as I did) it takes several months or even years to stay.
Each stretch of the coast hides unexpected beauties and not all of them are easy to find!

In this post I have included only seven of the most beautiful that I have visited and which I recommend not to be missed.

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7 Beaches to see in Albania: Dhermi

Dhermi beach is the first one you meet after the Llogara pass and it is the first that will give you an idea of what awaits you along the coast. In Albania the mountains reach the sea and the mountain coast road that runs between Valona and Saranda is a continuous alternation of panoramas.

Despite having wonderful waters and a very long beach (where instead of sand you will find pebbles of medium-large diameter) Dhermi has a linear and regular coastline, so there are no inlets that form lagoons and the sea immediately becomes deep.

Historically it was the first to be frequented (the one that the Albanians preferred) and the first in which the greatest investments were made in the tourism sector.

Its fame is therefore due more to its fame than to its intrinsic beauty.
A bit like what happened to the Romagna Riviera in Italy: the most easily accessible place from large cities has become the center of seaside tourism.

However, Dhermi won his battle against human settlements and the concrete, contrary to what happened in Romagna, has not affected the beauty of its primordial nature.
In Dhermi, nature is still the undisputed protagonist of the landscape!

The houses, residences and hotels sprout from the foliage of the olive trees and do not have a great impact on the surrounding environment where the sea, mountains and greenery remain predominant.

7 Beaches to see in Albania: Gjipe

After Dhermi and proceeding south a few kilometers from Dhermi you will find the beautiful beach of Gijpe.
Lovers of nature and trekking, canyoning and climbing cannot miss this wonderful beach.
This beach is not for everyone: to get there you need to leave the car and walk (for almost an hour) on a very bumpy path.

Upon arrival, a true paradise awaits you if you are a lover of unspoiled nature: a thousand-year-old canyon reaches the sea where an alluvial deposit has formed a large beach.

The sea is gorgeous, a wide beach of white pebbles reaches up to a large clearing; a small grove hides a series of paths that lead to the mouth of the canyon that winds its way through the mountains for kilometers.

There are 4 × 4 off-road vehicles that take tourists to the beach. A real shame for the passionate naturalists but a big help for the elderly and disabled who in this way can enjoy a day in a true paradise of nature.

7 Beaches to see in Albania: Jala

Continuing the journey south, another beautiful beach awaits you: Jala.
Compared to Dhermi beach, Jala beach has the advantage of being in a beautiful basin that shelters the beach from storm surges: here the sea is almost always calm.

The inlet is very wide and is divided in two by an invisible border: on one side you will find the Folie Marine, one of the most beautiful and prestigious bathing establishments in Albania.

Here you will find refined restaurants, spas and all kinds of luxury services. There are also terraces overlooking the sea where you can sunbathe or dive directly into the sea.

On the opposite side a series of free equipped beaches where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. There are kiosks, bars and restaurants directly on the beach. Lounge and chill out music plays throughout the day and most of the night.

7 Beaches to see in Albania: Llamane

A few kilometers outside Himara (where you will find beautiful beaches right in the city center) is Llamane beach. A narrow cove in the mountains with a large white pebble beach.
The sea is beautiful, clear and crystalline. As in all of Albania, the water is immediately deep just a few steps from the shoreline but, for this very reason, it is always very clean. The beach is divided into three parts. Three brothers manage three bathing establishments, one attached to the other. Each with his own business idea to realize: in one the restaurant is at the center of everything, in another foam parties and concerts are the dominant theme while in the last one they practice water sports: snorkelling, diving!

7 Beaches to see in Albania: Porto Palermo

The bay of Porto Palermo is one of the most beautiful in all of Albania. In the center of the bay the Porto Palermo Castle it is located on a small island connected to the mainland by a thin strip of land. On the sides of the castle there are two splendid inlets where the sea is always calm. You can swim in the free equipped beach or go to the discovery of small isolated coves. From the terraces of the castle at sunset the view is spectacular.

7 Beaches to see in Albania: Kroreza and Kakome

The beaches of Kroreza and Kakome are so close that they need to be mentioned together. A good swimmer can go from one to the other while swimming!
Even being close they are very different from each other.
Kroreza is famous for a convent which was nearby (the ruins of which can be visited).

In addition to the particularity of the landscape (unique in its kind), they are famous for their inaccessibility.

Getting to these beaches is not easy. The best way to reach them is to leave by boat from Saranda (there are many local tour operators that organize day trips) and to get there from the sea. By land the journey could be prevented by the "guards" who supervise a construction site (begun and never finished) for the construction of a large tourist village.

The beaches are beautiful: Kroreza is famous for the rocks that emerge from the sea a few meters from the sandy shore: it is like seeing small mountains in the middle of the sea.
Kakome is a circular cove with a small access to the open sea. A marine lake surrounded by high mountains covered with greenery.

7 Beaches to see in Albania: Ksamil

Ksamil beach is perhaps the most famous in all of Albania. Photos of its verdant islets and the surrounding Caribbean sea have traveled the world.
But I advise you not to go there. Yes, because those beaches you see in the photos are not the real beauty of Ksamil.
There are other beaches, less photographed and known but much more beautiful, less crowded and which hide much more attractive natural beauties. You need to know the area well and know how to reach them, get advice from local guides and not fall into the classic "tourist trap".
Some names: Manastirit, Pasqyrave, Pema and Thate and many others that I invite you to discover !!

These are the 7 beaches to see in Albania that I advise you not to miss. Your trip may be different from mine and, perhaps, you could reciprocate by sending me some good advice and revealing some secrets of this wonderful land that I have not yet discovered.

I dare you to amaze me!
I am sure that Albania will succeed ... but what about you? Will you find an even more beautiful beach that I haven't seen yet?

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